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Please contact us via e-mail if you require to place an order for any of the items below, We are also happy to help you source the parts that are not listed on this page.

LEA will also advertise free of charge any of your new or second hand parts, Please contact us for more information.

* Prices showing in Australian dollars / delivery or taxes is not included. All pricing may change without any notice

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Popular NEW & USED Lotus Esprit Parts Available

Fitting high-flow filters is the very first step one should take to improve engine performance, main features are:
  • Airflow improved by 40%, better throttle response
  • Slight power increase
  • Washable, they don't need replacing, just a good clean investment.
  • Direct replacement for all 4 Cylinder and V8 Esprits


$ 140.00 AUS



Factory S4 Replacement

4-Cylinder Models with a DELCO ECU

This is the factory Lotus S4 EPROM

  • will give stock 265/(285*)HP but is more refined compared to the old SE code
  • this is a good choice for SE-owners who want to keep stock performance but benefit from the more refined code.


$ 220 AUS



4-Cylinder Models with a DELCO ECU

  • Will also give about 290HP and a little more torque +5% in low and midrange
  • Gives very good drivability and is a very good and safe performance upgrade for all SE/S4


$395 AUS



4-Cylinder Models with a DELCO ECU

Chips up to #3 can be used safely on stock engines.

All chips can be safely used on bone stock engines. They will not do any harm. However we advice all owners to take up the kitup option No1 as per the Esprit S4 project on our site to see better results.

  • Is based on the improved S4s-Mk5-code but with +18% torque
  • will also give about 290 HP top end
  • very good choice like the improved S4s but with that additional punch in low and midrange
  • max. boost pressure at 1.0 bar


$ 440 AUS



4-Cylinder Models with a DELCO ECU

4cyl. Chip #5. High-Performance code 330HP

  • based on the improved S4s Mk5 code
  • max. boost pressure 1.2 bar


$485 AUS




4-Cylinder Models with a DELCO ECU

4cyl. Chip #6. Red-Race-code

  • special code based on the S4s-Mk5 or Sport300
  • max. boost up to 1.25 bar
  • Codes personalised for your Esprit


$565 AUS


SPORT 300 S4s

4-Cylinder Models with a DELCO ECU

Sport 300 S4s EPROM is the real deal for those who want to get serious with performance.

Lotus Approved used for road and race application as tested with our Esprit upgrade S4 project

$540 AUS


Esprit mirrors assebly


These parts normally dont come on their own however we have two new mirrors in stock with the wiring and clips to fit all latest Stevens Esprits models.

Also some extrra small mirror parts available at request.












Single piston dump valve is designed for turbocharged cars that use a carburetor, throttle bodies or fuel injection with no airflow meter. It has a 25mm push on base and comes supplied as standard with a 90 degree 4mm polymer push on vacuum/boost connection. This unit has a 60psi boost capability. Available in Silver, red,black,blue.This Kit is complete ready to install.


For the owners who also like to install a CBV Dump Valve for quitter performance this solution is also available from LEA.

$ 360 AUS

$ 395 AUS




This Improved Impellor is made of a special polyurethane witch is extremely flexible and hard-wearing.
This kit includes all parts witch are necessary for a complete overhauling: PU-performance Impeller, Gasket, Oil-Seal, Water-Seal and O-Ring. As a result of our experiences is the replacement of only the impeller not enough. Many problems are effected by the Water/Oil Seals.
(Impellor is also available on its own if requested)

$260 AUS


RC Racing Secondary / Primary Injectors


Blueprinted 270 cc/min (25.7 lb/hr) RC Racing high impedance injectors for the Esprit. These have slightly more flow and a much better spray pattern than the stock spigots. Smoother idle and better gas mileage are benefits that some have commented on. This will fit all 2.2 engines Esprit no modification required.

Primary Injectors are also available please contact our office for availability and price.

Note: RC Racing primary injectors are also available



ACCUMULATOR , Gas unit for Anti Lock System
for al 4 Cyl. Esprit with Anti Lock
Turbo SE, S4, S4s, GT3


Accumulator is manufactured specially for Lotus Esprits
as the factory part is obsolete.

$ 420 AUS


All fuel injected 4 cylinder Esprits (but the GT3) feature the famous Exhaust Back Pressure Valve. The Australian made stainless improved spacer offered here will replace the valve by filling the gap. When you remove your EBPV and replace it with this spacer.

$ 150 AUS


Pressure switch Pump Housing


(A082J6137S) for all ABS III systems Esprits. 1988 - 1995

Only one grey coloured switch available of a demo car in stock.



Limited Stock


Sports Exhaust Catalyst


Sports cats replaces the stock cat, and cleans the emissions while permitting a significant power increase - without any technical or legal issues. Once fitted, no modifications will be required to the engine management system. This Cat will fit all variants of the turbo Esprits. 100% Tig welding construction.

Read more




Sports Exhaust MARK I



Full Stainless steel Australian designed and made 2.75" inch sports exhaust. Dyno tested performance of 25+ BHP.100% Tig welding construction. Fully 'Mirror' Polished if requested, including pipework, box and Slash Cut Tailpipe.

Read more




Lotus bonnet Badge



Lotus Original Bonnet badge for the late model Esprits 1990 -2000




Alluminium Floor Mats



Add a touch of style to your Lotus replace your old Car Mats with this new super sporty Alluminium Floor Mats. They come supplied in a fair for both front driver and passenger. These are designed to fit all Steven's Design Cars . These mats simply fit in place of your standard , made with 2mm polished thick aluminum plates, with PVC molding around the edges, and pre-bent, so that you can just take out your old carpet mats.

Designed to last for the life of your car!!

$255 per set




Stage 1


High performance turbo is designed to be used in modified 4 cylinder engines but it is also a perfect choice for your standard Esprit. We use a larger high flow T3 super 60 compressor wheel with a special ported compressor housing. Equipped with special heavy duty 360° bearings for quickest spin up and very high reliability
in combination with our larger compressor wheel, we get a maximum flow and a minimum turbo lag.

All spinning parts are balanced to higher specifications than the original garret turbo. This stage 1 Turbo is designed for engines up to 340 HP.
Note: You must supply your old turbo after the installation. There will be a core charge applied! If the main parts of your old turbo are unusable for reconditioning the sales price will be increase




Gearchange master unit overhaul kit








Gear knob


Gearbox | Gear lever & linkage parts

If your vehicle is displaying a long loose shift on the gearchange this Kit will bring it back to new.








Carbon fibre or Stainless gear Knobs

$ 190 a set





Magnacor KV85 competition spark leads


Magnecor's exclusive 2.5mm high capacity Metallic Inductance EMI Suppressed conductor consisting of stainless steel wire precisely wound at 200 turns per inch over a ferrimagnetic core. The insulating jacket is made entirely of Magnecor's exclusive TC-1500-HS high strength aerospace grade silicone rubber, and its single layer construction will prolong the jacket's insulating ability by conducting extreme heat away from hot-spots that occur near over-the-limit heat sources. The KV85 8.5mm jacket has a service heat resistance of 600F (320C) and up to 1,000F (540C) for short burst 3 minutes. (made to order)

$ 295.00




Lotus Rear Suspension

Polyurethane Bushes



W/Bone - Set of 8 bushes PN: LOTAC05448 New

Rear suspension top and bottom transverse links of all Esprit models from 1981 S3 to 2004 V8, where A082D4084F is listed (not early Turbo with Compomotive wheels).



Esprit Suspension

V8 and 4 Cyl cars


LEA have now a range of approved suspension solutions for most Esprits. Please contact us to discuss the best package to for your car and will will be more than happy to assist with the appropriate solution for your budget.




Lotus Esprit

Brake Upgrades


LEA have now a range of approved braking solutions for all Esprits. Please contact us to discuss the best package to for your car. The upgrade solution we can source for your vehicle is covering single part to a complete Kit for race or road use.










LED front Indicators Kit



New (boxed) pair of top quality Side Repeaters. They are E approved





This kit comes complete with all the parts you need to upgrade the front left/right indicators to LED version. 10 minutes installation to achieve results.

This kit is also reversible to the the bulb system with no extra wiring.

$100 pair


$100 pair

Lotus Esprit indicator stalks

Available in mat or polished finish




Water Transfer Printing Technology


Water Transfer Printing Technology is surface decoration technology with pattern. There are over 600 patterns for customer to select such as, wooden patterns, carbon fibre, chrome metallization, etc

This is a smart solution using your existing panels with the right desirable finish

Talk to our team today for a transfer design option for your vehicle..

LEA we will be releasing more panels on the esprit which have gone the same process.

For more info on this technology visit http://hydroconcepts.com.au


Example of a lower Esprit spoiler

Read more ....




Water Pump Complete ASSY



Part number E912E9055J plus the pulley Part number A910E7019F together for sale at AU $400.00



This is an original part to suit all late model Esprits 4ltr or V8's in a very good condition

Lotus Esprit

Glass Sunroof / Roof air deflector





Disk Brakes Esprit S4

A set of Esprit S4 pre brembo front disks Lotus PN: A0S9J8014F

These units have been surfaced cleaned and ready to use after an upgrade. Taken of a car with 30.000klm.




Bosh Secondary Injectors (Original Lotus)




Secondary Injectors (16 ohm) 190 cc/min or 18 lb/hr saturated type injectors. These injectors operate at a fixed frequency of 128 Hz, with the quantity of fuel delivered dependent only the pulse width sent by the ECU. Tested & cleaned ready to install.



Original Lotus Esprit complete Exhaust

4 Cylinder cars


The CAT was in perfect working order when it was on the car.
It is a Lotus CAT and costs £406.88 new from Lotus ( Part number D082S6045F).

The exhaust is in good condition with no rot or holes etc. It is a Lotus Exhaust with a stainless steel box and a single polished tailpipe.
New the Lotus Back box is £477.13 (Lotus Part number A082S6055F)

This system was Dyno tested before it's removal for an upgrade which was done in our project car.

$590 AUS


Esprit factory lotus S4 Fuel pump



Roller vane type pump , high pressure electric. The pump supplies fuel at 30.5-55psi to the fuel rail. Tested and working.



Lotus factory original Turbocharger T3 Garrett


This is a tested and working unit with 9k miles of use. It was taken from a car which received an upgrade turbocharger and will fit SE, S4,S4s,GT3 Esprit. Housing has been tested for defects and unit has also been balanced and performance tested.

$1500 AUS


Esprit rear lights assembly


This complete rear light assembly including the number plate panel. Will fit most Steven Esprit models up to 2001 series.

The lens have been professionally tinted and baked with high gloss finish . This is out of a our S4 1994 Esprit which was injected with the LED upgrades also available as a kit from LEA


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