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Install guides, modification upgrades for Esprits

Note: everything shown on this site is only a guide. If you undertake the work will be under your own risk. Lotus Esprit Australia takes no liability for anything you may do to your esprit, before you take any modification consult with a professional.

If you need any other information that does not appear below please contact us for further assistance.

Rear adjustable suspension link

Removing chargecooler pump

Bleeding the brakes

Chargecooler impellor replacement

Converting ram air induction

Dump valve installation

ECU and chip removal (ref. Sanjay Vatuk)

Manifold replacement

Fuel breather hose Replacement

Gearshift Kit1

Gearshift Kit2 4/8 Cyl

Exhaust Back Pressure Valve

4cyl. Turbo Charger Info -

Instalation/removal quide

Fuel Pump Replacement / Sport300, S4,S4s

2002-2006 LED Rear lights conversion

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