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Wheels & Brakes


2008 Latest rear LED LIGHTS and Panel Upgrades

A new upgrade was fitted in 2008 as a full V8 setup rear panel kit with LED lights, This is an expensive exercise but as you can see worth every dollar spend!!!

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Body Paint:

The vehicle appeared to inherit some scratches while parked in its early life. Our good friends at BBS Motors provided with the original paint the lotus factory used, for the facelift. We decided to completely re-spay each panel removed from the car for the best outcome.

After 6 weeks later the car looked fantastic.

At a later date some Carbon fibre and vinyl was added as seen on the photos below.


Carbon FIbre Hydro Graphics

We have also experiment with a new technology "Water Transfer Printing" with amassing results..

if you are interested in this look contact us. Designs are unlimited including Carbon fibre and wood grain.

Here are some examples:

Hydrographics Read More..

Carbon Fibre Vinyl wrapping

Engine cover:

BBS Motors also worked on the engines cover paint job as this required the professionals touch. However the heat shielding at the engine bay and also the floor boot was done by LEA.

The engine cover is made by two large joined pieces which they found to fail at the joins all around the cover due to heat stress over time.

After a good clean up removing the old factory heatshield, we repair the joins.

Before we apply the new heatshield material we've sent it off for a new paint job at our local paint shop. Glossy black flexi paint was used since the parts must be flexible for the application.

Note: This area of the car is getting a quite hot as the paint must be flexible enough so it does not crack due to the high temps produced by the turbo engine.



Boot floor and Engine bay:

After many days of research on deferent heat shielding materials, we found a local supplier who had a brilliant product for the job.

Its a good idea to protect the side engine bay walls on the vehicle where the heat is generated from the Turbo / manifold causes fiberglass to overhead and come apart.

If you would like to use any of the materials used on this vehicle please contact us for more information.

Boot Floor was taken out by first disconnecting the electrical looms and vacuum hoses to the middle and right hand site of the engine bay then, you can unbolt the real floor boot, this assembly is quite easy to remove. We decided while the floor was out to respray it as well, we replaced all the nuts and bolts on the floor and seal the floor with the heatshield material from underneath. If you get to that stage we recommend to check for gearbox leaks, gear shift assembly for access free play, also check Turbo inlet hoses or anything else you cant view properly with the boot floor on.

Stock Engine open View

note the heatshield material on the left hand site.

Door seals : While the vehicle was getting painted we discover the door seals had lost their shape and flexibility. These seals are very expensive, so make sure you look after them as you would with all the rubbers on the vehicle. E.g. sunroof and engine bay.

Installation of Door Steps with the product available now in many deferent designs for all Esprits. This makes the area look fantastic while protects is from scratches that can occur on the panel from entering the vehicle.

Door Steps

Body protection: The body may suffer some damage from the road surface particles flicking from the back tires to the body area as its not protected with any splash guards from the factory. We have manage to minimise the damage by installing head lights clear protection sheets as per the photo showing. This theory now has been tested for 10 years and the area is been protected successfully. (See photo below)

Body/Suspension paint protection work.

This was completed without removing any major parts from the car. The Paint used is a special restoration paint specially made for these type of work. Contact us if you require more information regarding the paint selection and process.



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