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Owner: Mino Dalla Costa

State: NSW


Model: 1996 Esprit

Vehicle History: forth owner, purchased the car in July 2006 and at the time it had approximately 38,000 klms on the clock.It is in immaculate condition both interior and exterior. It has 10" wide wheels on the back with 8" on the front. I recently had the clutch done and also now replacing the accumulator on the ABS system.

Owner: Geoff Winder & Kristine Bennett

State: NSW


MODEL: Esprit 1990 SE

Vehicle History: We purchased the Esprit in 1997, the third owners. It had just been imported from the UK and was in poor condition. We have slowly rebuilt just about everything on the car since. We have travelled from Sydney to Hobart, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide in the car and attend track days a couple of times a year. It is still going strong.
Upgrades and modifications are numerous.

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Owner: Ian Riddell

State: NSW


MODEL: Esprit 1989 SE

Vehicle History: Bought in 2000 with 50,000km on the clock (if you can trust Lotus clocks???). Now has 60,000kms. Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious but I'm slowly winning the battle for reliability. Club Lotus and the Elan Factory have been invaluable & have probably saved me 10's of thousands in servicing costs. I now do most of the work on the car myself (most servicing centres leave it in a worst state than it was before). I'm currently working on the cosmetics, but really need to sort out the air conditioning system (Help!). Very few mods other than necessary ones (99% original). Anyway, it has been a real experience owning it.. and it's my pride and joy

Owner: Roger Harris

State: NSW


MODEL: Esprit 1988 Turbo

Vehicle History: Bought July 2007 UK and shipped to Australia. The car is under restoration as its been registered for the Australian market.

Owner: Dave Everett

State: NSW


MODEL: Esprit S3

Vehicle History: Imported from the UK in November 2007

Owner: Robert Costa

State: NSW


MODEL: 1984 Esprit

Vehicle History: Ex South Australian car originally imported between 1985 and 1989. Purchased in 2007 and currently registered in NSW and undergoing a number of repairs and upgrades.

Owner: Private

State: NSW


MODEL: 2003 Final Edition Esprit V8

Vehicle History: One of the last 15 UK cars. OZ Crystal Titanium Wheels, Kelsey Hayes ABS, Limited Slip Diff, Climate Control, Twin centered Federal Exhaust with Aluminium 'Cheesegrater' Grill, Round tail lights and all other additions as per the last cars. The last 15 cars had all options and upgrades, both mechanical and cosmetic, as standard. Factory standard and Immaculate.

Owner: Kenneth Walsh


MODEL: Esprit Turbo SE


Vehicle History: Bought this car after seeing it advertised on the Lotus Esprit Australia website. It was imported from the UK to Queensland in 2006. Despite having been complianced and registered in Qld it had to have an engineering inspection to be registered in NSW.

Owner: Allan Jansen


MODEL: Sport 350 V8 #14


Vehicle History: The car is a 1999 Sport 350 with 17 000 miles on the clock. It is in very good condition but is now undergoing further improvememts to bring it back to as new condition

Owner: Rudi Annus


MODEL: Esprit Turbo S


Vehicle History: I bought this Esprit in 1995 in the Yorkshire Dales in the UK. It had 12,000 miles on the clock and had been the demonstrator for Gateshead Lotus. My ex wife and I then spent a year driving around 21 countries in Europe. I shipped it back to Australia in 1996 then drove it a further 10000 miles around OZ, totalling over 30000miles (50000 kms) in 22 countries. I still drive it regularly but it has still not reached 80000 miles yet. Still going strong and will never part with it as I have lots of photos and an incredibly comprehensive diary of the trip that will give me countless hours of memories in a few years when my kids check me in to Pittwater Palms

Owner: Michael Lee


MODEL: Lotus Esprit V8 MK1


Vehicle History: One of the imports by Monarch and sold through
>Barbagallos 28.8.1997. Liners have been done, twin clutch plate fitted,
>turbos overhauled and in immaculate condition

Owner: Steve Marsden


MODEL: 1988 Esprit Turbo X180


Vehicle History: Purchased from a UK owner in May 2009, the owner had the car for 13years and it was driven as a 'dry weather only' car. Arrived in Australia in August 2009, some minor work required to get NSW Engineers Certificate and rego. I was very lucky -the car is in better condition than I could have hoped for.

Owner: John Pallas


MODEL: Esprit Turbo GT3


Vehicle History: Has the later dash. Leather in good condition, AC works well. Big C service done 1000km ago,
later style dash, Red race chip (P.U.K.),
upgraded inter-cooler, K&N High Flow Air Filters, Air ram,
Iridium plugs, High Flow Catalyst with 200 cells from braided clutch line, Wheel Spacers P.U.K., SS Exhaust, 10k of receipts

Owner: Chris Varcoe


MODEL: 1987 Esprit HCI Turbo

VIN: scc082910hha6XXXX

Vehicle History: I am the third owner. First owner lived in melbourne and owned the car for around ten years. second owner lived in adelaide and owned the car for about the same amount of time. I bought it last may and at the time it had done 98000 kms. It has now done about 107000kms. The car is in perfect condition including paint, trim, motor and suspension. Nothing more could be done to the car at this stage to have it run or perform any better.

Owner: Andrew Pearce


MODEL: 1986 Esprit Turbo HC


Vehicle History: I purchased this car in July 2012. Am the 5th owner since new, currently has 40,000 miles on the clock The car was imported into Australia 2 years ago by the previous owner Purchased the car in good condition.

Owner: Pierre Eugene


MODEL: 1988 Esprit Turbo


Vehicle History: NA

Owner: Paul Timm


MODEL: 1996 Esprit Turbo S4s


Vehicle History: I have owned my Esprit S4S since May,2006 and it has a very pampered life. The vehicle is original, as it has enough performance for me. It has 90.000km on clock and has not let me down. A real joy to drive

Owner: Ben C


MODEL: 1989 Esprit Turbo


Vehicle History: Pearl Esprit with as-new red leather has had 6 owners including me and i selected it after two years of searching for a perfect car in the UK. Had it shipped out in its own container with Cargo Online and complied with Complete Car Care who replaced all fluids, spark plugs, and a couple of gas struts. This was all it needed...the car has 49,000 miles on the clock and has a full service history dating back to owner number one. The turbo and all bearings were rebuilt at some cost before i had it shipped out. It is simply immaculate in all areas and requires only regular servicing for at least the next few years, given all necessary major work has been done. It is terrifyingly fast given the engine and turbo and been used regularly, often serviced, but driven with kid gloves by all owners including myself



Owner: Mark Weir


MODEL: 1971 Esprit S1


Vehicle History: I purchased this car in 1999 from an aussie guy who had imported it from California. It was complete but in several boxes and only the chassis had been restored. As the body was in poor condition I decided to proceed to customize it to resemble a wider Steven's esprit.The body was formed to shape and used as a plug then Moulds were made for doors, bumpers, front and rear guards and side skirts.
Over the next few years the car received the following mods; Nissan VG 30 6 cylinder motor. Full Nissan wiring loom, dashboard,a/c heating ventillation, brakes, steering column, mirrors all from a 300zx donor car.
17x11 inch billett alloy wheels. The car was finally engineered and registerd in 2002. The car is smooth, reliable and resonably quick at 1190kg.I do sometimes regret not keeping the car original but it is what it is now!

Owner: Sam Woo


MODEL: 1988 Lotus Esprit

VIN: SCC082910jha6XXXX

Vehicle History: 1988 Australian delivery esprit turbo

Owner: TBA


MODEL: 1996 Esprit V8


Vehicle History:The previusl owner had this car since February 2005 in QLD.It has now only travelled 33,500km and is mint original condition with a FSH. It was sold to a new owner via the Lotus Esprit Australia website to a new NSW owner in 2011.


Owner: Glen Smith


MODEL: S3 Turbo Esprit


Vehicle History: Car was in storage for a few years before I bought it. I had it in storage for a further 5 years approx and am now starting to restore it.
Have reconditioned the twin Dellorto Carburetors and had the engine running.
I'm currently doing a colour change from red to Lotus A21 Monaco White.

Owner: Robert Bryden


MODEL: 1983 Esprit Turbo


Vehicle History: Imported the car from the UK after looking for years for the right car. Impeccible service history and is an immaculate early Esprit.
sold to the current owner in 2015 who undertook some interior upgrades.


Owner: Dr Stuart Romm


MODEL: Turbo Esprit


Vehicle History: Purchased June 1997 at Pickles Auction Sydney .
Had 73,229 Kms on odometer. Currently 78,641Kms - thats 5,000Kms in 15 years - car mainly used at weekends.
Pearlescent finish with red leather interior, seats recovered (with leather imported from Ferrari). Car is original apart from the radio which can be re-installed- have fitted a 7" touch screen multi media centre.
Car originally registered in Adelaide SA, Reg No UED 085 on 1 May 1987 owner W D Inglis, 7 Lindwood Ave., Aldgate, SA.
Pre-delivery inspection done by A J Rolt on 29 April 1987.
Vehicle serviced by Kevin Shearer Motors Norwood SA through the 90's until I purchased in 1997. Vehicle serviced 1997 to date by Mike Connolly Automotive Engineering, Zetland Sydney.
Only Major repair has been replacing the water pump in 2000 , probably due to lack of use/inhibitor



Owner: Grant Periott


MODEL: Turbo Esprit 88 X180


Vehicle History: The car is an Australian plated vehicle first sold to a buyer in Western Australia. From there it spent time in Victoria before being sold to a buyer in NSW who spent a lot of money on repairs and improvements ($10K). The car appears to have been used for track work during this period. The engine was rebuilt the gear box replaced and after market exhaust fitted. The car was then sold to buyer in Sydney who had a car collection and worked over seas for 6 months every year. Consequently the car did not see much use for a long period of time. I bought the car in October 2012 and drove it home from Sydney. I live in Northern NSW. The car developed electrical problems on the drive home and is currently with Automotion in Brisbane awaiting on an after market electronic ignition module from the US. Was an exhilarating drive and I cannot wait to get back behind the wheel.

Owner: Richard Mills


MODEL: Turbo Esprit 88


Vehicle History:Originally improrted from a good friend in the UK In order to liberate it from the tyranny of the traffic clogged, rain drenched roads that has blighted it's distance so far. So, safely aboard the car carrying ship it is now headed for Oz, to arrive late January 2013 and sold again in 2017 undergoing restoration by the new owner.

Owner: Colin & Lisa GRAY


MODEL: Turbo Esprit 88


Vehicle History: We purchased the car during a UK holiday in March 12 and drove it through Wales and south east England. Arrived in Adelaide in Jun and only needed new disks and tyres to pass the roadworthy tests. Now drive it regularly. Only maint so far is a new air con condenser, replaced associated tubing with flexible couplings and replaced the plastic clutch line with a braided stainless steel line. Now have the car in Canberra do to an air force posting

Owner: Neil Trama


MODEL: Turbo S3


Vehicle History: Bought in UK by original owner who brought it with him to Australia about 1994.
Moved back to UK and stored in Australia for about 15 years.
2nd owner bought at Shannons Auction in 2012 and recommissioned.
Sold to me less than 12 months later.
Very nice original car, now fitted with Jenvey throttle bodies, Motec ECU and Motec dash/logger.

Owner: Edward Sonzay


MODEL: Esprit V8


Vehicle History: The car is a 1996 Esprit V8 as advertised in the "4 Sale" section on our website. John purchased the car in NSW in December 2008. The car is now registered in South Australia where it resides. The vehicle is now with the new owner Back in NSW who received delivery in 2015.

Owner: Jon Francis


MODEL: 1982 Esprit Turbo S3


Vehicle History: Imported from the UK early 2013. Just had a full engine rebuild, full replacement clutch, reconditioned cooling system plus various cosmetic updates over past 10 months. Now back on the road and enjoying the attention. Genuine 51,000 miles.