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Owner: Steve Waterman

State: Western Australia


Model: 1982 Esprit Turbo

Vehicle History: Built on the 10th December 1982 - just a few days before Colin Chapmans death, and delivered to Station Garage Taplow (UK) before somehow finding its way to Hong Kong in the 1990's before arriving in Perth late in 2000 as a partially restored project. After an extended restoration period replacing many parts, that also included new stainless steel petrol tanks, and fully rebuilt gearbox with many new parts and crown & pinion, the car finally hit the roads again in January 2004 to join the 20 or so other Esprit in Perth. Work has continued with ongoing suspension upgrades, new leather and much more.


Owner: Dave Taylor

State: Western Australia


MODEL: Esprit S4

Vehicle History: My Esprit was imported into Sydney around 1997 when it received it's plates. We purchased from Alf Barbagallo's in 2003 as second owners. I've made the usual improvement modifications, she has been cared for by Francois Lusser of Swiss Automotive and is currently insured with Shannons.

Owner: Kingsley Dunstan

State: Western Australia


MODEL: 1981 S3 Esprit

Vehicle History: Have owned the car for around 10 years. Made a burr walnut dash, rebuilt the head including new inlet and exhaust valves, new head gasket etc. new water pump, new timing belt tensioner and the usual Lotus rebuild items. Fitted 295 x 15 Yokohamas on the rear.

Owner: David Jones

State: Western Australia


MODEL: 1984 S3 Esprit

Vehicle History:Purchased on an extended trip to the UK in 1997. I got as much maintenance done to the car before shipping it to Sydney as a Personal Import. Got pulled over by the Highway Patrol on the F3 within an hour of picking it up at the docks! Unfortunately since buying the car I have spent more time working away from home so have not driven it as much as I need to to satisfy my love of the Esprit. In 2004 I moved to Perth and shipped the car to the west coast where I have yet to register it

Owner: Peter Why

State: Western Australia


MODEL: 1979 Esprit S1

Vehicle History:This car has had 3 owners including myself. I bought it in 2003 from Dave Sullivan who had owned it for some 20 years. Dave was a well known racing driver in Perth and also had an Elan +2. In the past 6 years the car has had less than 1,000 kms of use being garaged by Dave and myself. I have had over $8,000 of work done on it by Sports Car Garage Welshpool, Perth including an upgrade to the cooling system making it more efficient.

Owner: Steve Grobler

State: Western Australia


MODEL: 1988 Exprit Turbo

Vehicle History:: Bought the car from UK owner in mid 2007. Arrived Freo Sept 2007. Previous owner had the car for 8 years and did all his own maintenance - very well looked after. Has about 83,000 miles on the clock and 500 miles since new pistons/liners. Right now I am preparing the car for WA registration. Brake pipes need to be replaced as current ones have no compliance markings. Catalytic converter may have to be added too...

Owner: Leonard Stapp

State: Western Australia


MODEL: Esprit Turbo S4s

Vehicle History:Australian delivered 1996 Esprit S4s.
4th owner. Lived in QLD until 2002.
Has been in Perth ever since.

Owner: Tony Drake

State: Western Ausatralia


MODEL: S3 Esprit 1983

Vehicle History: Vehicle has got 38,000 km


Owner: Peter Chrisp

STATE: Western Australia

MODEL: Esprit 88 turbo


Vehicle History: I had this car for 11 years now and its been the most reliable with just nigly things going wrong. I use it a lot its a normal car for me I change the oil when it gets dirty and it gets regular hard driven and i think thats why its so good.


Owner: Andrew Selvaratnam

STATE: Western Australia

MODEL: Esprit V8 1998


Vehicle History: Originally purchased & registered in the UK by an Airline Pilot who was extremely fastidious & made sure that the car was optioned with the best of everything. Arrived in Australia in late 2005 and I acquired it in 2006 (4th owner). The car is totally original and in extremely good condition with every receipt & service document duly logged & archived. I drive it regularly at least once a fortnight on weekends, weather permitting. I carry out all my own servicing, including belt changes & tensioning, etc (I have obtained all the Lotus factory tools to complete the majority of service requirements) as I do not trust anyone else to satisfactorily & honestly maintain the vehicle. Real knowledge of the V8 is extremely rare in Australia, including the factory dealers, and I’ve found it easier to obtain the tools & knowledge myself. It also makes maintenance much cheaper, but much more fun as I enjoy having a tinker and they are relatively easy to service. No real problems with the vehicle, but I never drive the car hard (maybe firmly from time to time) and respect its limitations. Fabulous supercar to own, with mind numbing performance, that still turns heads everywhere it goes.

Owner: Michael James

STATE: Western Australia

MODEL: 1988 Esprit Turbo


Vehicle History: Recently purchased (September 2008) via Melbourne from Japan. 33,000 km on the clock (previously one of 40 vehicles in a private Japanese collection) .Some of the usual mods but otherwise original .Excellent condition generally; have had some minor repairs made to passenger door electric window (sticky switch) and primary headlights (mirrors discoloured) - the latter a bit of pain!
.Just in process of registering in WA (interstate vehicle/registration transfer leaves a lot to be desired) .Waited 20 years to buy this, my favourite of all models. Absolutely love it.

Owner: Maurice Oteri

STATE: Western Australia

MODEL: 1996 Lotus Esprit s4


Vehicle History: Purchased out of Wollongong, NSW February 2008, Last owner held for 8 years, has spent something close to $30k on various works in that time - currently traveled 64000kms which I am using

Owner: Lee Elbrow

STATE: Western Australia

MODEL: 1988 Esprit Turbo


Vehicle History: Imported from the UK with 59,000 miles, minor mods only, rear wing, wheels, steering wheel etc (have all the original equipmet)s/s exhaust, full leather interior (sand/stone) Full service history with comprehensive file containing all receipts, MOT's & photographic record of all items refurbished over the last few years.'Car inspected by Lotus specialist in the UK(Pure Lotus)prior to purchase, car is in excellent all round condition,currently arranging WA registration

Owner: Mark Mayhew

STATE: Western Australia

MODEL: Lotus Esprit 1981 S2.2


Vehicle History: As with most owners of an Esprit, its been a life long dream, especially to own a rare S2.2, one of many Esprits I hope to own over the coming years. I am the 4th owner since new. Vehicle was imported direct from Lotus Dealer in Malaysia. 107000 miles on the clock. Car was restored including full engine rebuild (various internal mods) 5000km ago. There are various other mods including, S3 Cross Gate Cable, braided brake and clutch line. 18inch rims ( have original rims fully restored with brand new tyres as well), momo steering wheel. Full AP Brake upgrade kit is on the way and new gearbox with new CPW, Quaife LSD ordered from Harry Martens. In developement is a Carbon Fiber engine surround with clear lid (Original one will be preserved), Carbon Fiber Air Box.

Owner: Lionel McPherson

STATE: Western Australia

MODEL: Lotus Esprit 1978 S1

VIN: 78020352G

Vehicle History: I purchased it in 1991 localy from Trevor Hine a local Lotus specialist (& racer)at 47858miles. It is a UK car so I pulled it apart to intigrate an air conditioner. Business got in the way a bit so it didnt get back on the road for another 10 years. While it was laid up I renewed the radiator, lots of the wiring, springs, shocke (Spax Adjustable), brakes, upholstry (Leather)& speedo (metric). Since then I've been driving it again in the last ten years I have replaced the Gear linkage bushes, fitted a Pertronix ignition & coil, put in a braided clutch line, modified the engine mounts, fitted an Odesy battery & mainenance charger and a Fuel Star in the fuel line and new tyres. All it needs now is a tidy up in the paint department.

Owner: Nick Goode


MODEL: S4 1994 Turbo Esprit


Vehicle History: Purchased in 2014 and transported from VIC from a single owner as a 50th Anniversary, registered in Mlebourne for the first time in 1998 directly from the Lotus importer Monark Imports. In 2007 the car was used to test some performance upgrades to support the Australian local market. The project produced 40% more horse power from the factory setup. The upgrades are featured on this website. This vehicle is now performing with amlost 300HP at the crank.

Owner: Kim Sadlier
MODEL: Esprit 1988 Turbo

Vehicle History: Original Dealer Mann Egerton UK to Aus 2010.Original sand leather with stone contrast, Date signed for production 29/07/1988 A/C, Stereo fitting kit, full leather, last of 7 RHD 1988 Esprit Turbo in this config. No 224 of 263 cars. 27,000 miles. Original UK Rego F800NEB. Part of a collection in Harrogate for a large period of life now lives in WA

Owner: Richard Jois
MODEL: Esprit Turbo

Vehicle History: UK Delivered car 3 owners last owner 28 years! Original 45000 miles in good condition with minor work to keep the car in good working order

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